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Shakedown Cruise: Lessons and Adventures from a Cruising Veteran as He Learns the Ropes

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Title:      Shakedown Cruise: Lessons and Adventures from a Cruising Veteran as He Learns the Ropes
Categories:      First Person Accounts
BookID:      60
Authors:      Nigel Calder
ISBN-10(13):      9781472946713
Publisher:      Adlard Coles
Publication date:      2018-04-03
Number of pages:      208
Language:      Not specified
Price:      USD 15.22
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Dave's Comments:

Nigel Calder is one of sailing's gurus, especially when it comes to systems and maintenance. Currently he is deeply involved in the development of onboard energy systems and writes about them in various professional and general market boating publications. He came to this knowledge the way many of us do, through trial and error. Shakedown Cruise is the story of his first voyages in his vessel Nada. Not to be a spoiler, the cruise did not go as planned and thus began his education on vessel systems. An easy entertaining read that yields insight into the sailor upon whom many rely for technical knowledge. Reading Shakedown Cruise is well worth the time spent reading it.



Product Description

Long before he was one of America's leading yachting writers, Nigel Calder was a novice cruiser with ambitions grander than his experience, setting off for a round-world-voyage. Nigel and his partner Terrie were young and foolish, with a home-built boat that was new and untested, one child already and another on the way--but they were determined to complete an adventurous voyage from New Orleans to see the world.

It was the voyage that made Calder the marine guru he is today, a marvelous romp through uncharted family waters, while learning hard-won lessons from direct experience--troubleshooting engines, kedging off shoals and reefs, and most importantly navigating Nada, a home-built version of Atkin's Ingrid cruiser that quickly became very much part of the burgeoning Calder family too.

An adventure story and a colorful Caribbean travelog in one, Shakedown Cruise is a must-read for all who are curious about what it takes to become a cruising sailor or create an adventurous life, as well as those who are just looking to sail along with Calder and his family.


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